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All About Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Photos is a blog specialized in spreading information about boudoir photography, learn with us and you will be a professional capable of taking the best boudoir photos, boudoir photography are becoming more popular every day, which is why many photographers and models are adding to this photographic style.

The term “Boudoir” had its beginnings in France, and is used to depict a women’s private room. Boudoir photography had its beginnings in the 1920s, where the photographers created their studios dedicated to this type of photography, the models wore lingerie and in some cases posed naked in a more implicit and artistic way.

boudoir photos

Professional Tips for Running a Boudoir Photography Session

Boudoir photography, in its simplest sense, is a form photography that features intimate, arousing and romantic mages of models. Unlike various forms of photography, one of the most alluring facts about this genre is that it can take place just about anywhere; a studio, a bedroom, outdoors, etc.

When it comes to arousing and sexy photography, there us a thin line between something tasteful and what might be described as NSFW. The boudoir photography genre tends to represent that that line is. Established back in the 1900s, boudoir photography is one that embodies tasteful and sexy photography, providing a highlight of images that don’t necessarily have to show off any kind of skin. As a matter of fact, it is possible for a model in a boudoir photography session to be completely clothed. Contrary to what a lot of people tend to think, the genre isn’t about baring any skin at all.

Think of it as portrait photography, only a tad edgier.

If  you’re willing to do something with your other half this coming Valentine’s season that doesn’t involve dinners or the conventional roses alone, then you can both get to a studio and capture what it is that you both love about yourselves- in a tasteful manner, of course. The resulting photo is a more thoughtful and lasting gift than the cliché flowers, and you can both decide just how much clothing you want on you.

However, there’s also the question of getting the right shot. While everyone has a camera in their pocket these days (we have the good old iPhones to thank for that), there is always a difference between amateurs and professionals, and tis difference, more often than not, is manifested in their level of know-how.

With that in mind, here are some professional tips for setting up a boudoir photo session:

  • Always shoot from her perspective

boudoir photos perspective


What is it that she loves the most about her body?

What are the bodily features about her that make her feel self-conscious?

Whenever you’re shooting, always compose your images and ensure that she is positioned in such a way that her bet features are highlighted, while those things that make her feel more self-conscious are kept in the background.

If you don’t know what she loves the most about her body, they don’t be afraid to engage her in a discussion about it before the shoot begins. You can tell her what you feel are her best features and the things that you love the most about her body. Most importantly, encourage her to also share her opinions with you. This way,, you both get to reach a consensus about what these best features are and everyone wins; she is able to feel more confident about thee hoot, and you get to have an amazing model who is flaunting her best features without any stress.

  • Emotions are your best friends. Use them well

boudoir photos emotions

Look at your model. How would you describe her the most?

Is she edgy? Is she shy? Does she seem to be shy?

Try to speak to her as you capture your pictures. Say things that will incite the kind of emotion that you are looking to capture. Understand that having a camera trained on her for the whole time will have the potential to make her feel silly, so allow her to shift her gaze and guide her in some real actions, like adjusting her pose and getting some of the hair away from her face.

Also, make sure that you are able to guide her at a kind of speed that your camera will be able to capture without the images coming out in a blur. If you’re making use of a DSLR camera, tweak your speed settings accordingly.

Remember to say some encouraging words to your mode while you shoot. This is also important as it helps her to build her confidence and self-esteem as the process goes on

  • Lighting is just as important as ever

boudoir photos lighting

A vast majority of the time, you get to find out that the reason why most pictures come out unflattering and poor is because their lighting isn’t so good.

Before you begin, ask yourself; “Where does the light seem to be falling?” “Also, where are the shadows?”

Overhead light creates some ugly shadows underneath the eyes, while capturing with light coming from directly underneath creates a bit if a ghostly effect.

To wit, make sure that you pay consistent action to the light. Note factors such as its direction, its color and where it’s coming from. Florescent light is basically as unflattering as you can get, while your skin will be unmatchedly flattered by soft light.

  • Keep an eye out for distortions

boudoir photos distortions

A general rule when it comes to photography is the fact that whatever is closer to the camera will come out looking larger. Well, this rule applies especially to cases when you’re making use of wide-angle lens. To wit, position your model in diagonals so as to flatter and minimize her figure.

  • Interest in an image is best generated with legs and arms

boudoir legs arms

The best and most attractive lingerie models are skilled in the act of creating alluring triangles with their arms and legs. If you want to get an awesome boudoir photo session, make sure that you study the perfect ways of positioning the arms and legs on a lingerie site. You’ll definitely get a lot of insights form those and help to transform your image.

  • You can vary your shoots to get a proper mix

boudoir close up

Capture some close-up shots that highlight the best features that we’ve spoken about in previous points, and you can also throw in some full length and ¾ shots (these are pictures from her head to at least her knee, or those which cover 75% of the full body)

  • You can hand-pick something you want her to wear as well

boudoir wear

If she feels sexy, then she’ll have no problems with projecting a “sexy” persona. However, when it comes to picking outfits, remember that you also need to take her feelings into consideration.  Above anything else, she needs to be comfortable with what she’s wearing. Don’t force anything on her because at the end of the day, it’ll backfire and reflect in the picture.

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